Luthier Tool Prices

For more information or to order, contact Thomas Croen.

Luthier Purfling Tool Instructions included. Click here for training videos

End mills:
Carbide micro-end mills are essential for cutting a clean channel. It is advisable to purchase the end mills in pairs. You won't want to be caught without a back up. I stock the following sizes (I recommend using end mills that are 0.10mm smaller than your purfling):

1.00mm      .040"     $29/pair

1.10mm     .043"     $29/pair

1.20mm     .047"     $29/pair

1.30mm     .051"     $29/pair

1.40mm     .055"     $29/pair

1.50mm     .059"     $29/pair

1.59mm     .062" (1/16")     $34/pair

1.97mm     .062" (1/16")     $34/pair

2.39mm     .094" (3/32")     $34/pair

2.77mm     .109" (7/64")     $34/pair

1/8" ball end mill for setting the depth of the recurve after the purfling is in (spare not necessary).      $18 each


The preferred motor is the Foredom® M.SR-SCT 1/6 hp Series SR hanging motor with the metal foot pedal.     $242

Where 220V is standard, the preferred motor is the M.SR-FCT-2CE 1/6 hp 230V which comes with a heavy duty plastic foot control, and the correct plug for your location.     $243

The H.44T is the standard 1"diameter handpiece which comes with the size collet needed for the endmills plus 2 others     $58.50

The MAMH-2 hanger- This hanger has the advantage of being able to be wall mounted or attached to the bench. I include with the tool information to determine the optimal height above the workbench. Go to the Foredom site to see other options.     $59
Other styles are available.

There is an additional shipping cost for all items.