A Simple Sound Post Cutting Jig (pdf)
by William Atwood & Tom Croen

Catgut Acoustical Society Journal Vol.4, No. 2 (Series II) November 2000

Report on a Bass Bar Study (pdf)
by Tom Croen & William Atwood 

From the Violin Society of America Journal Presented November 11, 1996

When Good Pegs Go Bad (pdf)
by Tom Croen

Strings Magazine, February/March 2002

Music Man of Walnut Creek (pdf)
by Justino Aguila

SF Chronicle, May 17, 2002


Reed Yeboah Fine Violins (website)
East Coast Representative for Tom Croen Violins & Violas (website)
A good source for varnishes

Jacob de Launay (website)

Luthier's Friend
A clever sanding system for makers