2022 Setup and Repair Worksheet

Download this worksheet to keep easily accessible records of your work, both for new instruments and repairs. 

This free worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet which you can download, edit, and print.

It has two tabs, one with lines in the cells for use on printed paper, and one without lines in the cells for use on a computer.


A Simple Sound Post Cutting Jig (pdf)
by William Atwood & Tom Croen

Catgut Acoustical Society Journal Vol.4, No. 2 (Series II) November 2000

Report on a Bass Bar Study (pdf)
by Tom Croen & William Atwood 

From the Violin Society of America Journal Presented November 11, 1996

When Good Pegs Go Bad (pdf)
by Tom Croen

Strings Magazine, February/March 2002

The Bridge Curve (pdf)
by Richard Menzel

CAS Journal, November 1995


Reed Yeboah Fine Violins (website)
East Coast Representative for Tom Croen Violins & Violas

ViolinVarnish.com (website)
A good source for varnishes

Jacob de Launay (website)

Luthier's Friend
A clever sanding system for makers