This luthier tool is designed to help cut the purfling channel fast and clean while achieving professional results. It will save you hours on the first use for a violin, and days on a cello. And it will reduce the strain on your hands, elbows and shoulders.

The tool is held like a traditional profiling scribe rather than being mounted in a heavy stationary device. Once you have selected the appropriate cutter size for your purling, the adjustable guides allow you to accurately set the channel depth and distance from the edge. With a little practice the tool feels like it's floating effortlessly as it cuts a clean channel.



The body of the tool is constructed of solid milled brass, is comfortable in your hand and its weight (4.5 oz.) resists vibration during use. My purling tool is designed to be used with a ForedomĀ® Flex Shaft Motor, and to fit on a standard Foredom hand piece. The cutting speed is controlled with a foot pedal, leaving your hands free to guide the tool.

The rounded guide-fence on the tool allows for right or left handed use and is adjustable to 9 mm from center of bit to the fence. The two upper extensions of the fence glide on the upper edge of the violin, giving absolute depth control.

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